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What do we do?
"Beanies for Preemies"

We connect hospitals in need of infant hats for their tiniest patients with our volunteer hatmakers who create crochet and knit hats.

Premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) cannot wear clothing in the beginning due to their delicate skin. Clothing can interfere with temperature regulation and access to IV lines.

When the baby can start to wear clothes, it is a celebrated milestone. Hats are one of the first pieces of clothing that can be used for a baby in the NICU. Hats help keep premature babies warm and do not interfere with their care.

What do we do?
"Worry Worms"

We teach and connect our volunteer worm makers with organizations and individuals in need.

Natural physical movement, also known as fidgeting, is believed to ease people’s anxiety, improve their attention/focus, and increase their alertness and attention. Fidget toys may help people that are nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable.

Worry worms are a small, squishy, crochet fidget toy that even beginners to crochet can create quickly. These worry worms are accompanied with a note that says “I am your worry worm, keep me near and squeeze me tight. Tell me your worries and everything will be alright”. 

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What do we do?
"Chemo Beanies"

We connect hospitals in need of handmade hats for their cancer patients with our volunteer hatmakers who create crochet and knit hats.

Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Many people undergoing this treatment wear hats to protect their scalp from harsh weather. Hats can keep the scalp warm while people wait for their hair to regrow.

A handmade hat made with love can provide a little piece of comfort at a time of need.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread love through our actions of serving the community around us. 

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